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Saturday, June 21, 2008

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  1. can anybody please tell me .... Whats so sexy about her??? she is normal dark skin girl .... nothing special .... by the way, people who like her, should raise their standards :) ,.,,,

  2. u must be blind. u think she is dark? ur white must be a light bulb. The point is she is hot! She has a great body and is a nice girl despite her successful career in Tennis as well as other sports. She is very pretty in both action and in traditional environment. And if you are a true fan even a beast can be beautiful. And she gorgeous to start with.

  3. Shes a beauty , some might disrespect her but its okay coz one guy made it up by making a song with her on the title lol! It was a nice song.

    I think the title was Oh sania or something......but im not completely sure if it was written for her.


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