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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Princess Anna Picture

Anna in the last pic

There will hopefully be new pics after Anna plays Alona. In the meanwhile, to tie us over, these are from the same source (V Chen's photostream, thank you very much to that person for taking great pics of Anna). They are obviously from a night match in Indian Wells judging from Anna's attire. I also couldn't resist posting some pics I discovered from the AO, some of that practice outfit we never saw full length, which are from the photostream of Becks, thanks very much to her for great pics of Anna too- I wonder if that's the same Becks I know from this forum? Anyway, and another interesting one because I hadn't seen it before and it looked so unique, really, it has to be seen.

From a night match in Indian Wells

The AO practice outfit we saw a glimpse of before.

And a unique one I came across, people watching Anna on a big screen in Federation Square in Melbourne.


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