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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Started playing tennis at the age of five after watching it on TV (a match of Monica Seles), remembering the phone number to a local tennis school and begging her parents to take her; was given a racquet for fifth birthday and immediately fell in love with the game
Mother, Dragana, is a lawyer; father, Miroslav, is a businessman; brother, Milos, is four years Ana's junior; the whole family likes sports, but none played tennis before Ana
Best shot is the forehand; likes all surfaces
Has been part of the adidas Player Development Program since 2006 and has consequently worked on and off with coach Sven Groeneveld. Currently coached by Antonio van Grichen
Appointed Marija Lojanica as fitness trainer in July 2010
Likes watching movies (especially thrillers), reading and listening to music (pop and R&B); also enjoys shopping, fashion; favourite TV shows are 24, Lost and Prison Break
Favourite food is sushi; favourite drinks are water, fresh pineapple juice and mango smoothies
Speaks fluent English, Serbian and some Spanish
Favourite places to visit are Melbourne, where she has some family, Mallorca, Paris and Rome
Self-described as strong-willed, sensitive, determined and extremely competitive
Most admires her family for all the support they give her
Admires Roger Federer for his professionalism on and off the court

Hot sexy Picture of Ana Ivanovic


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