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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Download Free 50+ hot Sexy Maria Kirilenko wallpapers

Arriving in China

"Korea can be my second home"

attempting a powerful serve

delicate block

eyes tightly shut

"at her fingertips"

"time stands still"

"Serving with all her strength"

"Kirilenko's backhand stroke"

"Kirilenko's volley shot"

"Kirilenko focuses on her shot"

"Kirilenko attempts at serving"

Korean caption - "Racquet on fire" I guess she hit a winner!

Korean caption - "That was good!"
One Korean fan's comment on this picture - "Her muscular arm is so sexy. Its not ridiculously muscular, instead its very sexy looking"

Korean caption - "She won the match but..."

Kirilenko knee tape 2.0

Even the Korean boys are imitating Ms. Kirilenko.

Korean caption - "Kirilenko retrieving the ball"


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